About #1303

On March 13, 2020, our world was shut down. It became quiet and dark. It’s been five months since then, and we’re suffering. We need financial support, we want the rules for the unemployment insurance fund (a-kassan) to be reviewed and we want to see funding for projects that allow us to find solutions on how events can be carried out safely for everyone involved – regardless of which viruses are ravaging the world, now and in the future.

With the initiative #1303 and #WeMakeEvents we want to show how many we are, how widely different our jobs are, and how big the cultural industry really is. It’s so much more than museums and state-owned institutions. Until very recently we have been forgotten and de-prioritized. Now is the time to put your foot down and say “this is not okay!”. Because it’s not okay. It’s never been okay. That’s why an awareness campaign like this one is needed.

On September 6 at 13:03, we will show our politicians, the press, and the world that culture cannot be shut down.


More information about We Make Events can be found here: