Share Your Story

Share your story with us! It can be a photo of your city’s venue(s) lit up in red, a video of you telling the world how you or your company have been affected by the pandemic, or anything else that is relevant to the movement #1303 and #WeMakeEvents.

Before uploading, make sure that you are really ready to share it with the world. The photos, videos, and other content may be uploaded to our website, social media, and possibly shared with the global movement. If you have any restrictions that you want us to know about and respect, let us know in the “Restrictions” field.

Please try to name the file properly, without ÅÄÖ, spaces, etc.

If you have any problems, send an email to

Please note: It’s important that you own the rights to the material that you upload! Do not upload something that does not belong to you.